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Welcome to the liver transplantation for critically ill cirrhotic patients webpage – Transplantation for ACLF-3 patients Model (TAM score).

Recipient age (years) :
Arterial lactate level (mmol/L) : 
Leucocyte count (G/L) : 
Respiratory failure : 
(defined as intubation with PaO2/FiO2 < 200mmHg)
A TAM score > 2 indicates a high risk of post-transplant mortality

* The TAM score was derived from a cohort of 76 patients transplanted with ACLF-3 and validated on an independent cohort of 76 patients. This model uses binary variables, as indicated in the figure bellow.


Continuous variable calculator
One-year post-transplant survival probability* :
Patients with a TAM score of 1 or 2 but extreme values of age, arterial lactate level or leucocyte count are likely to have a one-year post-transplant survival probability significantly different from the one predicted by the TAM score in this model which uses continuous variables

* This model is based on the analysis of 152 patients transplanted with ACLF-3 and uses continuous variables.


These models, based on a retrospective analysis of 152 patients transplanted with ACLF-3 at the time of transplantation, are aimed at identifying the optimal transplantation window for critically ill cirrhotic patients.



Artzner T, Michard B, Weiss E, Barbier L, Noorah Z, Merle JC, Pirani T, Paugam-Burtz C, Francoz C, Durand F, Theocharidou E, O’Grady J, Bernal W, Heaton N, Salamé E, Bucur P, Barraud H, Lefebvre F, Serfaty L, Besch C, Schneider F, Levesque E, Faitot F, Liver transplantation for critically ill cirrhotic patients: stratifying utility based on pre-transplantation factors. American Journal of Transplantation, March 2020


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